Benefits Of Miyuki Seed Beads For Your Ornaments

Seed beads are generally small beads used to make all manner of adornments. Also known as rocailles, seed beads are normally round in shape. They can be used in a loom or off-loom when it comes to bead weaving. They come in various shapes, colors and sizes to create a wide array of styles.

Variety of seed beads

Miyuki Seed Beads

These are cylindrical beads created by the Japanese inventor Seiichi Katsuoka in the 40s. With the Miyuki Shoji Company, this pioneer and his son developed seed beads that are more rounded, symmetrical and uniform. The beads had flat ends and made styling easier and more versatile.

Miyuki necklace

The glass seed beads quickly became a standard of quality and their prices went up compared to ordinary seed beads. Miyuki has created other iconic seed beads like the Delica, Drop and Twisted beads. Miyuki glass seed beads have been used to make awesome creations and are therefore preferred by many designers and artists. Below are the top benefits of choosing Miyuki beaded ornaments.

Miyuki ornaments
Colorful Miyuki ornaments
  • They are highly attractive owing to their clean look made possible by their shape and intricate design
  • They are durable as they are made from high quality glass that does not wear out
  • They come in all colors and shades. Miyuki beads are also available in a wide array of shapes and sizes
  • They are highly affordable in the market keeping in mind that they are of top notch quality
  • Designers and artists find Miyuki beads very easy to work with
multicolor image of miyuki beads earrings
Miyuki earrings

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