Can Your Choice Of Jewellery Reveal Your True Personality?

Are you a traditional person? Do you like having fun? Do you enjoy setting new trends or are you down-to-earth with your approach? These are interesting questions in which the choice of your jewellery can reveal the answers.

Huge African Necklace
Woman With African Necklace

Many people just choose or select jewellery based on their ideological beliefs. It turns out that these unconscious choices can give the world a clue into the person you really are.

Below is a simple breakdown of how your ornaments and adornments shed light into your personality.

1. Matching Jewellery Sets

Do you find yourself coordinating the colors/styles of your necklace, earrings and rings? If you love to strike a unified look, you are likely very organized and professional. This means that you want the world to perceive the symmetry of your choices. This is a proper look and for this reason, many professional people will propel towards jewellery sets when they are in work situations.

Statement jewelry
Statement African Pieces

2. Elaborate Pieces

Some people will not get out of the house unless they wear statement pieces like large hoop earrings, chunky necklaces and large rings. People who love to be noticed wear these types of adornment and it signifies that they are fun loving. They like to let loose and have a party! However, some critics will say that these people lack class or simply do not care about what others think.

3. Earth-friendly Jewellery

A good number of people will opt for earthy materials for their jewellery like sea shells, sea glass, traditional beads, recycled materials and so on. These people are conscious about keeping their fashion green. They are people who therefore have a cause and take a stand for it.

4. Luxurious Choices

For others, a luxury brand is all it takes for them. Its not even about how the pieces suit them but rather what the pieces imply in terms of luxury branding. These people reveal confidence and their need to never settle for less. It is all about getting the finest and many do it without apology.

Kenyan Jewelry
Colorful Maasai-Style Necklace

5. Understated Jewellery

There is another crop of people who keep their earrings simple and to just a sparkle. They are not keen on big sizes and screaming colors or shades. These people are minimalists and they tend to approach jewellery in an orderly fashion. They are confident and do not care about being trendsetters.

It is therefore very important to stay true to yourself. Choose pieces that tell your story or those that complete you. Being playful and artistic does add fun to the whole experience. Above all, buy jewellery that is safe for you. What kind of jewellery do you like, let us know?

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