Guide To Choose The Perfect Necklace To Wear

A gorgeous necklace may not create the desired style effect, if you don’t put it together perfectly. For every occasion, you will choose an outfit and to accessorize tastefully, you must choose the right necklace. Style is certainly not rigid but there are general guidelines that will help you create the best look. It all starts with knowing your necklace options.

Soft 18 inch neckline
  • 14 inch necklaces – Fit closely around the neck
  • 16 inch necklaces – These are loose necklaces that fall to the collarbone in a slimmer person. However, they may fit like a choker in a larger woman
  • 18 inch necklaces – This option will also fall on the collarbone and has an elegant feel
  • 20 inch necklaces – Slightly longer to fall below the collarbone
  • 22 inch necklaces – They flatter the bust area as they fall right at the top


Factors That Influence Necklace Choice

slim neckline
Slender neckline

Size of your neck

Some people have long necks while others have short thick necks. For shorter necks, chokers are not really advised. A choker will make your neck look shorter. It is better to wear a necklace with a longer chain to create length. Long-necked women find chokers very flattering.

Cloth necklace
Cute cloth necklace

Your height matters

A necklace chain length can affect your appearance from a height perspective. Shorter women are best suited with 16 to 20 inch chain lengths. Taller women can do long chains to enhance their lengthy frames. Women of medium height can wear any length.

Your body type is key

Bold choker

As a rule of thumb, where a necklace ends is where attention is drawn. If you don’t want your stomach as the focal point, avoid a lengthy necklace. If you wish to show off your slim waist, wear a necklace that draws the eyes near it.

Shape of your face

beautiful long necklace
Colorful necklace

There are several face shapes including oval, round, diamond, heart, square and triangle. Round faces should avoid chokers and other short necklaces. Those who are oval-shaped can wear just about any necklace length and look good. Short necklaces are suitable for those with heart-shaped faces.

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