Metals That Resemble Gold – Best Jewelry Alternatives To Gold

We have all heard the saying that goes, ‘all that glitters is not gold’. This resounds true but, when you think about it, it doesn’t have to be gold!

Gold jewelry

Pure gold is luxurious and rare. It is non-allergic and delivers on stature and statement alike. However, if you cannot afford pure gold, this is not the end of the road. There is a good list of metals that look like gold and come with decent properties worthy of your attention.

Before we even dive into metal alternatives for gold, it is good mentioning that even pure gold has its shortcomings. For example, pure gold is soft and can be damaged easily. To this end, it is not suited for daily jewelry like wedding rings. This is the reason why gold is most times alloyed with zinc and silver to promote durability.

Metal Alternatives To Gold

1. Bronze

This is an alloy that contains over 80% copper and about 12% tin. Other metals can also be added and when polished, this metal looks like gold. However, compared to other alloys, bronze is a brittle metal.

Bronze necklace

2. Brass

In a ratio of 33:67, brass is the alloy of zinc and copper. More copper gives the yellowish appearance while the zinc balances with a white look. This very affordable metal will need some good maintenance to keep it looking good. All in all, it makes for stylish jewelry that resemble gold.

Brass earrings

3. Rose Gold

This is an alloy of gold, silver and copper. The pinkish tone comes from copper with silver toning it down. This alloy is actually more durable than pure gold and comes at a more affordable price.

Rose gold pieces

4. Pinchbeck

This alloy is somewhat similar to brass. It is an alloy of zinc and copper – the difference with brass is that Pinchbeck has 17% zinc and 83% copper. This is an effective gold imitation that was invented by Christopher Pinchbeck, hence the name. This alloy has been used in making jewelry and for bathroom accessories like faucets.

Pinchbeck faucet

5. Gold Plated, Rolled Gold and Gold Filled

Gold plated alloys contain about 0.05% pure gold. A very thin layer of gold is used on various metals like brass, silver and more. Rolled gold on the other hand is covered with a 2.5% gold sheet. Rolled gold is mainly used in watchmaking. Gold filled is an alloy that contains about 5% gold in weight.

Gold plated piece

Advantages of Gold Alternatives

Did you know that rated at 24 karats, pure gold is so soft that it can be shaped with your hands? Gold-like alternatives and gold alloys are more durable, affordable and versatile in terms of design and styling. What kind of gold do you wear? Let us know

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