The Old Connection Between Religion And Jewelry

59 year old Joyce Wambui, a church elder from Kiambu County recently got herself Cross earrings and “I Love Jesus” earrings from Beauty Kenya. Her interesting choice of religious jewelry got us thinking about this topic. Why do people wear religious pieces? Is it even fashionable or does it send all the wrong signals? Speaking to us in her native Kikuyu, we asked Joyce why she chose these pieces in the video below.


Brief History

Religious jewelry has been worn for centuries by humanity. In ancient Egypt, this jewelry was made from bronze, gold and other precious stones. One religious symbol that stood out was the Eye of Horus, most jewelry had this symbol. Those who wore this symbolism tapped into healing, protection and wholeness.

Eye of horus
Eye of Horus inspired piece

The most outstanding symbol in religious jewelry is the Crucifix and Cross as popularized by Catholicism. For Christians, the Cross is a constant reminder of the ultimate sacrifice made by Jesus the savior.


Ancient tribes from all around the world had their religious symbolism with their jewelry. Native Americans loved Mother Earth symbolism where they created elements to showcase their ideologies.

In Judaism, the most popular symbol is the Magen Star or the Star of David. Wearing jewelry with this symbolism brings good luck as the Jews believe.

Star of David
Star of David jewelry

In Islam, a star floating inside a crescent moon is a top symbol used in their jewelry. All manner of pieces will also have religious calligraphy with deep messages and icons.

In Buddhism, the Dharma Wheel is an important symbol and is usually golden. It represents the teachings of Buddha and is worn as a bracelet or pendant chain.

Are there any benefits to wearing religious jewelry?

cross earrings

1. This kind of jewelry has deep meaning and you get to wear your faith. You can draw a lot of positivity throughout your day knowing that your God is guiding you in every way.

2. Fashion-wise, there are modern designs and tweaks that give religious jewelry a refined look. It is a sure way to stay trendy.

3. No matter the occasion, religious jewelry will suit perfectly because of their universal appeal and acceptance.

jesus earrings

4. If you are looking for the perfect sentimental gift, religious jewelry is always a favorite.

5. It provides a chance to draw people to your faith. In Christianity for example, it is the duty of every believer to bring people closer to God or to evangelize. This kind of jewelry makes for an excellent talking point and is an ice breaker.

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